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  • After manifesting our eminence in healthcare, the next step was to move on to the masses, thus making VLS the only company to provide healthcare solutions to the Corporate as well as Government sector
  • Our aim is to provide a digital health ID to the users on a large scale
  • Our software enables an Organization to streamline its employees’ health records on different levels ranging from departments,offices,cities etc. and analyze their health in statistical representation for effortless understanding.
  • The HR need not maintain and store all the medical paperwork of fitness while onboarding a new employee or conducting health camps for employee welfare.
  • No paper involved means no physical storage space required, printing and paper cost saving as an added advantage.
  • Admin can simply apply filters and view its employee’s records on the basis of age, gender, department, joining year etc, thus saving time and increasing productivity.
  • It also permits HR to authorize its employees to undergo specific tests from specific labs in special situations and update reports in the software.
What's in it for your Employee?

We also offer "Howzu" app for your employees for both Android and iOS platforms.

Employees can sign up with their details, check their medical records, analyze reports or upload previous medical records on the app which can be accessed by the Organization.

Employees can also add their family members and upload their medical records by availing paid services of our app.Family health data is secure not shared with the company.

Even after leaving the organization,user can access their medical records by a simple switch from Enterprise login to patient login by contacting our customer support team.

This model can also be used by Governments to maintain health IDs of larger populations and maintain their health database which can prove to be very useful while conducting health related surveys, vaccination drives, fighting any pandemic, fighting to eradicate any disease etc and thus will serve a large population.


We offer state-of-the-art healthcare solutions with a key to hassle-free database maintenance and secure data access in the cloud so that your employees are poised that their data is always secure and accessible.


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