World Zoonoses Day

The World Zoonoses Day (July 6) is significant in light of the new coronavirus illness (COVID-19) pandemic, which is thought to have started in bats and spread to people via pangolins. In the past, zoonotic illnesses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and Ebola emerged and re-emerged on a regular basis

Zoonoses are diseases that may readily spread from animals to people. According to a World Animal Protection 2020 study conducted in 15 countries, 92 percent of people in India are concerned about superbugs from farm animals and want animals to be treated humanely and antibiotics to be used properly

Although it would take a monumental effort to eliminate meat intake entirely, one may always be more cautious when handling animals. Small actions such as washing our hands with soap after coming into touch with stray animals, caring for our pets, and promoting awareness among our family and peers may work wonders in reducing the effect of such animal-prone diseases.

Zoonotic illnesses that are common:
  • 1. African Sleeping Sickness is a disease that affects livestock and wild animals and is spread by tsetse flies.
  • 2. Bird Flu - seen in chickens and wild birds; spread by intimate contact
  • 3. Swine Flu is prevalent in pigs and is spread through close contact.
  • 4. Ebola Virus - found in monkeys, gorillas, chimps, and orangutans; spread via intimate contact.
  • Rabies is a disease present in mice and rats that is spread by rat bites, mucus, and urine secretions.
Can Zoonotic infections be avoided?

So, the answer is "yes" and "no."

It is "yes" because we can be more cautious when dealing with animals, such as cleaning our hands with soap and water, keeping our dogs clean, wearing protective gear to avoid tick, flea, and mosquito bites, and so forth.

We must also carefully preserve our foods so that animals do not get into contact with them. Additionally, avoid feeding animals. Keep your pet's dishes clean to reduce microorganism breeding. This is for the sake of your and your pet's health.

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