World Population Day

The Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme advocated in 1989 that the international community commemorate July 11th as World Population Day, a day to concentrate attention on the urgency and relevance of population concerns.

The celebration's goal is to draw attention to the community's reproductive health issues, which are the primary cause of poor health and mortality among pregnant women globally. Every year, the World Population Day campaign promotes people's awareness and skills about reproductive health and family planning across the world.

This rapid increase has been driven mostly by an increase in the number of individuals reaching reproductive age, and has been followed by significant changes in fertility rates, increased urbanisation, and accelerated migration. These tendencies will have far-reaching consequences for future generations.

Some of the objectives of celebrating the world population day are:
  • 1. It is observed to safeguard and empower young people of all genders, such as girls and boys.
  • 2. To provide kids with detailed information on sexuality and to postpone weddings until they are prepared to appreciate their responsibilities.
  • 3. Educate individuals on how to break down gender stereotypes in society.
  • 4. Educate them on pregnancy-related ailments in order to enhance public awareness about the hazards of early delivery.
  • Ensure that both girls and boys have equitable access to elementary education.
  • As part of each couple's basic primary health, ensure simple access to reproductive health treatments everywhere.

It is a worldwide event in which numerous countries and organisations join to attract attention to key issues concerning the world's people. This day's activities include a lecture, discussion, educational sessions, a public contest, slogans, workshops, debates, songs, and so on. Not only that, but TV, news, and radio stations all aired programming about population and the significance of family planning.

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