World Humanitarian Day

This day was set aside to honour the victims of the bombing of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, on August 19, 2003, which claimed the lives of 22 people, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, the country's top humanitarian. The day was designated as World Humanitarian Day by the UN General Assembly in 2009. (WHD).

Every year, World Humanitarian Day (WHD) focuses on a particular subject and brings together partners from many sectors of the humanitarian system to promote the survival, wellbeing, and dignity of those impacted by disasters as well as the security and safety of assistance workers.

And what exactly is a humanitarian? A humanitarian is someone who has compassion for others. a person who is moved to action when they witness hardship. Humanitarian actions might be performed locally or abroad, on a large or small scale. One of the most well-known humanitarians is still regarded as Diana, Princess of Wales. She didn't simply accept the world as it was; instead, she made advantage of her prominent position to support issues that many others passed over.

There are several ways to observe World Humanitarian Day and pay tribute to our everyday heroes:

1. Support a charity by making a donation. Many regional and global organisations would profit from a contribution of your time or money.

2. Write to the people you elected. Tell them about your passions and why you have them. Describe the change you would want to see. Change the policy

3. Utilize social media to raise awareness of significant global concerns.

4.Honor frontline staff by telling inspiring tales of their achievements and promoting local or foreign peacekeeping. Embrace the #reallifeheros hashtag.

5. Tell them the value of being a global citizen, of recognising needs throughout the world, and of giving back. Teach students that the humanitarian road respects diversity and provides assistance to all people regardless of their race, colour, faith, or gender.

6. Do charitable activities in your local neighbourhood. Get out there and make a difference by volunteering, giving to the food bank, making masks for nurses, shopping for an elderly neighbour, or organising a toy drive for the hospital. Remember that the definition of a humanitarian is simply "A person who wants to lessen human suffering and enhance human wellbeing.

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