World Hepatitis Day

Every year, July 28 is commemorated as World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, a deadly illness in which the inflammation of the liver develops severe liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma.

But why only July 28? Dr. Baruch Blumberg, the Nobel laureate who discovered the Hepatitis B virus, was born on July 28. In addition, we created a diagnostic test and a vaccination to treat the condition.

The term hepatitis refers to liver inflammation. Inflammation is a tissue's reaction to irritation or injury, and it usually causes swelling and discomfort. If left untreated, the illness can proceed to fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis, or liver cancer. Hepatitis viruses are the most prevalent cause of hepatitis in the globe, although it can also be caused by other infections, toxic chemicals (such as alcohol and some medicines), and autoimmune illnesses.

Hepatitis in India

Hepatitis has become a public health problem in India, with an estimated 40 million people suffering from chronic Hepatitis B and six to twelve million individuals infected with Hepatitis C. Viral hepatitis caused by Hepatitis Viruses A, B, C, D, and E imposes a significant economic and social impact on those affected and their family. Low levels of knowledge and a lack of prompt treatment may endanger your liver's health.

There are 5 main hepatitis viruses, referred to as types A, B, C, D and E.

Treatment for Hepatitis

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hepatitis A and E at this time. They are typically self-limiting. Hepatitis B and C, on the other hand, may be treated with medicines. Aside from obvious measures like maintaining cleanliness and sanitisation, anyone who have any symptoms of viral hepatitis should see a doctor for optimal care. Please go to the doctor at the first indication of any ailment. Hepatitis should not be taken lightly

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