The celebration of Raksha Bandhan, also referred to as Rakhi, honours the unique and unbreakable link that exists between brothers and sisters. The literal meaning of Raksha Bandhan is "the bind or knot of protection" in Sanskrit. Every year on the full moon day of the Shravan month, a historic Vedic celebration is observed (August). On August 10th, everyone got together to celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2014.

The sister imprints a tilak, a vibrant mark, on the brother's forehead following the prayer. After that, the brother promises to lead and guard her throughout her life, no matter what. Additionally, a brother traditionally gives his sister a variety of fun gifts. Gifts are important and serve as symbols of compassion and devotion.

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional celebration with a rich mythological and historical background. Raksha Bandhan, a common custom, has historical roots as well. Rakhi threads were traditionally sent by Rajput queens to neighbouring kings as a symbol of their kinship

The celebration is known as Narali Poornima in Maharashtra. The Maharashtrian fishermen's community invokes the gods by requesting prosperity and tossing coconuts into the water. It is known to Brahmins as Balev, which denotes commitment. They pray for spiritual advancement as they switch out their holi janeu threads. Rakhi is observed as Avani Avittam in South India. Brahmins, like Balev, alter their janeu, renew their religious oaths, and read the Vedas, the ancient Indian religious books

The fable of Lord Krishna and Draupadi is one of the more well-known ones that is connected to this occasion. According to mythology, Krishna sliced his finger when he severed Shishupal's head from his body. Draupadi hurriedly used a piece of linen to patch the wound. Krishna assures her that he owes her a debt of gratitude and promises to make up for his generosity in the future. Therefore, when Draupadi is stripped in the Mahabharata, Krishna guards her so that she never runs out of clothing, preventing the Kauravas from stripping her.

This is what distinguishes Raksha Bandhan as an important and cherished Indian holiday

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