Legal Services Day

The day that has been designated as Legal Services Day is the 9th of November. This very day is observed to commemorate the ritual enactment of the Legal Services Authorities Act. It is also celebrated to create and maintain awareness about the multiple provisions that are associated with the act.

Legal Services Day History

Though the National Legal Services Day was enacted on October 11, 1987, it came into effect on November 9, 1995. The Supreme Court commenced the Legal Services Day in 1995 to offer the right assistance to the citizens. That is when the court started commencing the enactment of the Legal Services Authorities Act.

The main motive for establishing this day is that all the needed people are offered support. The prime motive of this day was to create awareness whenever people reach out to the court to solve their issues. Additionally the same is done without causing them much hassle by people belonging to the weaker sections of the society. It generally meant women, victims of natural calamities, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes. The people who are the victim of human trafficking also comes under the weaker section.

National Legal Services Day Role

The NALSA or National Legal Services Day was constituted in 1995. It was done under the authority of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987. To reach out for legal aid, the individual can opt for writing an application. People can do a follow-up by filing the same either through offline or online mode. Here the roles that the authorities took under them are free legal aid meanwhile offering advice to those in need. Additionally, another role of the authorities is to ensure the disposal of the cases either through an amicable settlement/mediation. It has a varied role in decreasing all the potential backlogs of India’s courts and the meantime accessing justice to those who deserve the same.

Legal Services Day Celebration

On National Legal Services Day, awareness workshops are scheduled. The reason behind this is to understand all the citizens of the country are entirely aware of the several provisions under the very Legal Service Authorities Act. Therefore on this day, every jurisdiction conducts legal aid camps, legal aid programs, and Lok Adalats. Thus, in a nutshell, the whole motive of National Legal Services Day is to offer both free as well as competent legal aid to the citizens. It focuses on the people who are a part of the poor section of the country. In this act, it is also mentioned that the Lok Adalats must be established on this day so that the peace settlement can be concluded. Ever since National Services Day has been commemorated, it leaves no stone unturned in creating awareness among the people.

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