International Youth Day

One of the awareness days, International Youth Day or World Youth Day is observed on the 12th of August each year. This day is observed to honour the young's value and labour as well as to raise awareness of the social, cultural, and legal challenges that affect our kids. One of the most significant days is International Youth Day, which is used to promote various initiatives aimed at engaging the next generation and encouraging them to get more involved in their communities and society

A better future for children with priorities based on how to make their lives better is possible. Youth Day also aids in raising awareness of poverty. Since many children go hungry because they cannot afford food, it is crucial to spread knowledge about the problems associated with it.

International Youth Day establishes a list of goals that encourages people to consider what is most essential for our children and future generations.

Activities organised on the International Youth day

On International Youth Day, a variety of initiatives and events are held all across the world to highlight the advantages that young people contribute to society. This international event attracts participants from many nations and may feature youth seminars on topics including jobs and education. The world's youth are also celebrated through concerts, athletic events, parades, and mobile displays that highlight their accomplishments.

Youth are engaged on International Youth Day, which tries to increase their chances. The kid must overcome a variety of obstacles before finding their path, depending on where they are in the globe. While teenagers face several psychological and social difficulties, those living in developing nations continue to struggle to meet their fundamental demands, including those for health, education, and work, making it difficult for them to start their lives.

On a national, international, and local level, these topics are discussed at Youth Day. Numerous conferences, webinars, discussions, training sessions, and fundraisers are held with prominent persons serving as keynote speakers to use the platform for the development of children. Understanding these issues will enable us to develop solutions that will empower the most important generations.

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