International NelsonMandela Day

Every year on June 18th, Nelson Mandela Day is observed to honour the memory of a great leader who sparked a revolution in the twentieth and twenty-first century. This day provides a chance for everyone to reflect on themselves and imbibe Nelson Mandela qualities such as courage, forgiveness, charity, patience, and self-confidence.

Nelson Mandela was a man of ethics who lived a life that extended beyond himself and was dedicated to the betterment of others. That tells volumes about his excellent nature and golden heart.

How is Nelson Mandela Day celebrated?
  • 1. Nelson Mandela International Day is honoured every year on July 18. With a decision in the General Assembly in 2009, the United Nations formally established Mandela Day, and the inaugural UN Mandela Day was commemorated on July 18, 2010.
  • 2. People are invited to dedicate their 67 minutes on this day to community service and volunteering activities, just as Mandela battled for social justice for 67 years. The active participation of a large number of individuals in such activities would make the world a better and more peaceful place to live.
  • 3. In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly established the Nelson Mandela Prize, a quinquennial prize honouring people who have dedicated their lives to serving mankind.
  • As part of each couple's basic primary health, ensure simple access to reproductive health treatments everywhere.
Theme for Nelson Mandela day 2022

The Nelson Mandela Foundation will be framing Nelson Mandela Day 2022 around its food and nutrition programme, under the theme “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

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