International Day for the Elderly

History of International Day of Older Persons

The day was marked by the United Nations in 1990. It has been in observance since 1991. Let us take a look at some of the major milestones touched in the last decades to ensure our elders live a happy and fulfilling life during their silver innings. 

  • The Vienna Plan of Action on Ageing was adopted in 1982.
  • On December 14, 1990, the day was marked as the International Day of Older Persons. 
  • United Nations Principles for Older Persons was adopted in 1991.
  • Purpose

    The main purpose of International Day of Older Persons is to help make people realize the need for adequate care that the elderly deserve to have. There are many meetings and discussions held by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is directly helping coordinate address the issues we have with dealing with the elderly, their health, social care, and ways to help incorporate elders into the working force and volunteer work.

    Approximately 600 million on earth are over the age of 60. It’s predicted that this number will increase by double the amount by the time 2025 rolls around. When we hit 2050, the number is estimated at nearly two billion.

    How People Celebrate

    This incredible day dedicated to the elderly people of our world can be spotlighted in a few different ways. In some cases, politicians make speeches and announcements commemorating the day. It’s common to hear radio broadcasts, television news channels and the local newspapers point out the day for its citizens to be made aware. Sometimes achievements made by elders in the community can be highlighted and broadcast to help promote the elderly and society as a whole.

    It’s common to see material on the elderly and their special day being handed out at schools and posted in office facilities. Promotional materials for the day help make more people aware and assist in sparking interest for this day and the care of our elderly. Many volunteer organizations get together to help make people more focused on the purpose of this day.

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