Indian Independence Day

The globe has been engulfed in the coronavirus epidemic. Its effects have been unmatched, and because of the worsening circumstances, most nations have come to a stop. Basic necessities and medical supplies are severely in short supply in our own country, and malnutrition in India has undoubtedly gotten worse due to the loss of livelihoods.

India observes Independence Day as a national holiday on August 15th. This day is extremely important in the history of the country because it symbolises the culmination of a protracted and exhausting fight for freedom, the sacrifices of countless freedom fighters, the establishment of an independent and self-sufficient country, and the beginning of a period of deliverance from nearly 200 years of British colonialism.

When we young Indians consider the accomplishments of our nation, we get a sense of pride that makes our heads soar. We are today's largest consumer market and the economy that is now moving the fastest. The presence of India signifies a unique position in all significant international fora. It is important to teach future generations about the traditional inspiration of rising from obscurity to affluence.

We live in a technological world when information is always around, but how conscious are we of it? As a trained educator, I frequently observed young people who had no understanding of history or the past. On occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day, you may learn about the early difficulties.

On free online portals or libraries, one may get a variety of books and videos on Indian independence. The world's most precious resource is knowledge. Know your nation, educate yourself on its history, and share that knowledge with young people. As a parent, I make it a point to watch documentaries that are shown on television in order to educate myself and my children.

On Independence Day, people fly kites to represent India's spirit of independence. The Red Fort in Delhi is another significant emblem since it was there that Jawahar Lal Nehru, the country's first independent prime minister, unfurled the country's flag on August 15, 1947. The flag-raising ceremony in Delhi is attended by a large crowd and is a sight to behold. And other individuals watch patriotic movies or television broadcasts of the Red Fort ritual at home. The entire country observes this day with fervour and a sense of patriotism.

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